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I'm Steve Casey. Thank you for visiting

How can I help you succeed?

Steve Casey Research specializes in helping stations increase ratings. Our contribution is highly effective research and communications between listeners and the station programming team. We help you and we encourage you to obtain frequent and accurate feedback from your listeners.

Most consultants show up with opinions. Steve Casey brings you leading edge tools. He makes available to his clients the most advanced music research tools in radio and over 36 years of experience using and perfecting those tools at high profile projects like WLS and MTV.

Steve Casey...

  • One of Radio's Most Experienced Programmers
  • Radio's Most Experienced Researcher
  • Most Overseas Experience of Any US Consultant
  • Has Provided Advice and Analysis to Hundreds of Stations
  • Able to Tap a Worldwide Network of Super Smart Programmers

When it comes to your communication with and understanding of your listeners, it is my goal to give you everything you need to proceed with confidence that your programming is as good as world standards, or better. Confidence in the design and execution of your research. Confidence that the analysis and application to your programming is state of the art. Confidence that you will be successful. Confidence that you will win the ratings. Confidence that you will get a raise and take a nice vacation.

Some of the best people in radio have helped me succeed, and I want to help you. I'd like to start with some of the ideas that we are sharing on this Web site. And then I'd be honored to talk with you about your challenges and how I can help you be totally confident about your success.


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At SCR we focus on asking better questions, because we want you to understand what your listeners want from you. That means no "mean scores only" music tests. That means no badly designed questionaires. That means no sloppy sampling. Your research budget and your programming are too important to treat this lightly. Today, your station can benefit from advanced tools and approaches to research that are years ahead of other research companies. From this Web site you'll gain a solid understanding of the latest and best thinking about music programming.

Nostalgie, Paris, France (national network)

At this site, I want to give you something to take away: a new idea, a controversial thought or an insight.

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