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Steve Casey is president of Steve Casey Research International.

Founded in 1989, SCR provides state of the art music research design and analysis tools, ratings analysis and individual research and programming consultation to most of the major radio groups and stations in over 30 countries .

As he worked in management positions in radio in Los Angeles and Chicago, including PD of WLS, Chicago, Steve Casey did a lot of the early work in designing today's music research systems.

In 1981 he was a member of the team put together by Bob Pittman to launch the revolutionary cable TV channel MTV: Music Television and was MTV's first program director.

In partnership with John Sebastian, he created Sebastian, Casey & Associates, the most successful programming consultancy of the time, with highly successful AOR clients in almost every major US market. He later rejoined MTV to take on the larger role of VP/Programming for MTV and VH-1.

He left MTV in 1987 to again become a consultant, forming Steve Casey Research in 1989. In the 1990s he brought to radio a number of innovations, including Variety Control music fit analysis, MusicVUE on-screen music test analysis and InstantREPLAY ratings diary analysis.

In the USA, successful New York stations WLTW, WAXQ, WKTU, WHTZ and Los Angeles stations KLVE, KSCA, KIIS-FM, KCMG, KSYR, KBIG, KRTH, KXOL and KZLA have all used Steve Casey’s advanced analysis tools. More than 1,000 additional stations in the United States have worked with Steve Casey over the years.

In 1997 Steve Casey Research began to focus on helping international clients. That focus continues today, with clients in more than 30 countries.

Steve Casey is continuing, today, to advance the state of the art in radio programming research. More recent innovations include exclusive programming tools like the MusicVISTA music research analysis system, Pure Core format fan analysis, full cluster analysis and exclusive tools that allow AMTs to create optimized samples for focus group research.

Today 90% of our focus is international. Current and former clients include:

  • Chérie FM, France
  • Vibration, Orleans, France
  • Mango FM, Kerala, India
  • Maxxx FM, Poland
  • Forum, France
  • Red FM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Europe 2, France
  • Big FM, Stuttgart, Germany
  • RFM, France
  • WIT FM, Bordeaux, France
  • WMGE FM, Miami, Florida
  • MFM, France
  • WGCO, Savannah, Georgia
  • RMF FM, Poland
  • Sea FM, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Ado, Paris , France
  • Spin Southwest, Ireland
  • Voltage, Paris, France
  • Rire & Chansons, France
  • Radio Latina, Paris, France
  • Virgin FM, Amman, Jordan
  • WSFM, Sydney, Australia
  • Nostalgie, France
  • Real Radio network, UK
  • WISX, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • OUI FM, Paris , France
  • Alouette, France
  • 702, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Solid Gold, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Heart, London , UK
  • Voice, Denmark
  • NRJ, France
  • City FM, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Gold 104, Melbourne, Australia
  • Rockklassiker, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Easy FM, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Noordzee, Netherlands
  • SBS Group, Finland
  • Joy FM, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Virgin Radio, France
  • WLYT, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Juventus, Budapest, Hungary
  • Magic FM, Romania
  • KISS FM, Romania
  • Kanal 24, Norway
  • 97.3 FM, Brisbane, Australia
  • Virgin, London, UK
  • WIN 94.6, Mumbai, India
  • Village, Athens, Greece
  • KDKB, Phoenix, Arizona
  • WBHK, Birmingham, Alabama
  • WPOW, Miami, Florida
  • 4KQ, Brisbane, Australia
  • WBGG, Miami, Florida
  • WWDC, Washington, DC
  • WLTM, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Metro FM, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Lampsi, Athens, Greece
  • KJKK, Dallas, Texas
  • Regenbogen, Mannheim, Germany
  • KSCS, Dallas, Texas
  • Mix 102.3, Adelaide, Australia
  • TV2 Radio Network, Denmark
  • Q102, Dublin, Ireland
  • KFM, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Fever, Bangalore, India
  • Super FM, Turkey
  • Fever, Kolkata, India
  • Smooth FM, London, UK
  • Virgin India, Mumbai, India
  • Virgin India, New Delhi, India
  • Heart FM Birmingham
  • Heart FM Nottingham
  • Suria FM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Galaxy FM network, UK
  • Joy Turk, Turkey
  • 102 FM, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • WMJI, Cleveland, Ohio
  • WASH, Washington, DC
  • WBIG, Washington, DC
  • Radio Monte Carlo, Italy
  • 105 Network, Italy
  • Highveld, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • AMP's 5 station group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Angel FM, Athens, Greece
  • Fly FM , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • More FM, New Zealand
  • Hot FM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Virgin Smooth, Bangkok, Thailand
  • WSSL, Greenville, South Carolina
  • Red FM, Athens, Greece
  • POP FM, Denmark
  • Cape Talk, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Spin FM, Dublin , Ireland
  • 98 FM, Dublin, Ireland
  • Mix FM, Sydney, Australia
  • WRVA, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Kiss FM, Czech Republic
  • Smooth FM network, UK
  • Virgin Radio, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Nostalgie, Belgium
  • NRJ, Sweden
  • WVMX, Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mix FM, Melbourne, Australia
  • Freedom, Athens, Greece
  • Virgin Eazy, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Virgin Soft, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Radio Metro, Norway
  • WCOS, Columbia, South Carolina
  • Virgin Hitz, Bangkok, Thailand
  • The Edge, New Zealand
  • WMIB, Miami, Florida
  • Virgin Smooth, Bangkok, Thailand
  • KPTT, Denver, Colorado
  • an on-air talent at WLS, Chicago and KHJ, Los Angeles
  • a program director at WLS, Chicago and KUPD, Phoenix
  • creator of the name MTV and its first program director
  • a corporate level research director for Sebastian, Casey & Associates and Doubleday Broadcasting
  • research consultant to major US broadcasting companies including ABC, NBC, RKO, Hispanic Broadcasting, SBS, Nationwide, CBS/Infinity, Chancellor/AMFM, and Clear Channel
  • a strategic partner for six years with Clear Channel's in-house research company Critical Mass Media, helping chart their rapid growth and music research system design
  • head of Steve Casey Research since its beginning in 1989
  • focused on the international commercial broadcast community since 1996

Since 1974, Steve Casey has pioneered the application of research to radio programming, music research techniques, call-out, auditorium music testing, Arbitron ratings analysis, in-house audience surveys, sampling techniques, music positioning analysis through Variety Control and on-screen music test analysis through MusicVISTA and now Pure Core Format Fan optimization.

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