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Air talent, production director for music stations in Wichita, Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, Phoenix and San Antonio.


Doubleday Broadcasting: Assistant PD and air talent, KRIZ, Phoenix

  • Invented call-out music research.
  • Created computerized music scheduling system, likely the first in the industry.


Doubleday Broadcasting: Corporate Director of Research

  • Given a larger role in Doubleday.
  • Created and oversaw music research, built all computer code and systems, created and executed in-house music research at all Doubleday stations.
  • Created and oversaw internal audience research, designed all computer code and systems, based on the Mediastat methodology.
  • Responsible for diary review, including on-site review at Arbitron.
  • Created in-house analysis system for Arbitron, using ratings on computer tape.


ABC: WLS AM, Chicago, air talent and Music Director

  • Responsible for music programming for WLS AM, the number 1 music station in Chicago.
  • Created ABC's first in-house music research system, including all computer software.
  • Created custom computerized music scheduling system.
  • Expanded research systems into most ABC-owned music stations.


MTV: Program Director

  • Member of the founding team for MTV: Music Television.
  • First Program Director, responsible for music and format.
  • Responsible for naming the channel.
  • Created nationwide listener research system.
  • Created systems to meet record company reporting requirements.
  • Created custom scheduling systems to meet Network Operations Center requirements.
  • Launched MTV on August 1, 1981.
  • Consultant to WNBC, New York.
  • Consultant to WABC, New York.


Sebastian, Casey & Associates partner

  • Formed a programming consultancy specializing in album rock.
  • Helped create #1 rated rock stations in 18 of the top 20 US markets.
  • Achieved highest major market AOR ratings in history at WCOZ, Boston.
  • Established music research at WEBN, Cincinnati, which evolved in research company Critical Mass Media.
  • Created custom research projects, leverage the ability to conduct research with AOR audiences in 15 to 20 markets at once.


ABC: WLS AM, WLS FM, Chicago, Program Director

  • Returned to WLS in a larger role.
  • Responsible for programming on WLS AM and WLS FM (with assistant Tim Sabean).
  • 1983 and 1984 were the two most profitable years for ABC in Chicago.
  • Continued WLS tradition of major promotions based around air talent: Larry Lujack and Steve Dahl.


MTV: Vice President of Music Programming, Vice President of Studio Operations

  • Returned to MTV in a larger role.
  • Worked with Kevin Metheny to launch a second music channel, VH-1.
  • Responsible for daily MTV programming.
  • Designed and launched special programming, including MTV COuntdown.
  • Responsible for music programming on VH-1, and coordination of music between the two channels.
  • MTV achieved explosive growth during this period and was purchased by Viacom.
  • In 1986, added VP/Studio Operations to responsibilities.


Daytona Group

  • Program Director, KGRX, Phoenix (NAC/smooth jazz), owned by the Daytona Group, until September, 1988.
  • Became in-house consultant to all Daytona Group stations (Phoenix, Albuquerque and Richmond) until Daytona Group sold its stations in September, 1989.






Steve Casey Research

  • Formed research and programming consultancy in September, 1989.
  • Invented first cluster analysis-based music research analysis, the biggest change to radio research since the invention of call-out music research.
  • Provided state-of-the-art research from launch for KHMX, Houston, the first successful major market "Mix" station. Mix was a client for 7 years, until purchased during consolidation. Music fit analysis gave KHMX a unique sound never presented on-air previous to that time. Ratings exploded. So did the number of Mix stations.
  • Continued to establish and oversee in-house research systems at major stations like KHMX and KLOS, Los Angeles.
  • Designed interactive diary analysis software InstantREPLAY. Provided this diary analysis system to hundreds of stations between 1989 and 1999.


Steve Casey Research

  • Established a partnership with Critical Mass Media, which was continuing the research systems I established at WEBN 10 years earlier.
  • Worked to establish CMM as the premier radio research company. CMM achieved that goal, and experienced explosive growth between 1992 and 1998.
  • Partnered with CMM to provide stations with leading-edge music research, including Variety Control music fit analysis.
  • Developed MusicVUE software for on-screen music test analysis.
  • MusicVUE and Variety Control became standard deliverables with every CMM auditorium music test.
  • Created Zip Code targeting procedures for use in call-out music research and targeted marketing.
  • Expanded SCR client base to include Nationwide, Westinghouse, AMFM, Infinity and others.


Steve Casey Research

  • Created a partnership with AMFM Broadcasting, providing National PD Steve Rivers with advanced music research analysis. The data was gathered by Broadcast Architecture, at the time owned by AMFM.
  • Began working internationally, with NRJ, Berlin, Germany.
  • Began a 13 year consulting relationship with Start Group, Paris and Orléans, France.
  • Ended the partnership with Critical Mass Media. They developed their own version of my original research software.


Steve Casey Research

  • Created a breakthrough in music research: Center Position Analysis. Using fit and score information, we made it possible to determine the optimum music positioning for a station. That answered one of the biggest music programming concern of that time: How can program directors be certain that they understand what music makes up their "center lane"? Now, the listeners could show them.
  • Expanded into Australia: Austereo (client for 7 years).
  • Expanded into Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece: SBS (Scandinavian Broadcast System) (client for 9 years).


Steve Casey Research

  • Special focus on NRJ International.
  • Moved to Paris to oversee work in Sweden, Austria and Germany.


Steve Casey Research

  • Added NRJ France: Chérie FM, Nostalgie.
  • Expanded into more than 50 countries.
  • Began partnership with RMF, the leading broadcaster in Poland.
  • Created Pure Core Format Fan Analysis, another innovation music research. Using patterns of agreement for the music, it became possible to identify format P1s, evaluate their passion for the music, and quantify and differences between them and the client station's P1s. With this tool, it is possible to easily identify station drift away from the center of the format.
  • Developed another powerful tool for programmers: Discrete Music Cluster Analysis. This allows programmers to see how music test respondents break the music down into significant clusters: how many, how big and how important.


Steve Casey Research

  • Created MusicVISTA, a system for integrating all aspects of music popularity, fit analysis and clustering into a single powerful software system.
  • While continuing the overseas work, also provided analysis to a significant number of US radio stations, most of them owned by Clear Channel.


Steve Casey Research - continuing our work on behalf of programmers around the world.

  • Continuing to enhance the MusicVISTA analysis software.
  • Emphasis on helping stations get the maximum benefit for each dollar spent on research.