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High Rotation Speeds at ADO, Paris

Bruno Witek is the program director of ADO FM in Paris. Bruno is a brilliant programmer, and we'd like to highlight him as somebody who really knows how to use research to drive up ratings.

ADO FM uses the research services of Steve Casey Research, including weekly call-out and our highly innovative 'Variety Control for Currents' analysis system that helps you pick the perfect powers. By perfect, we mean great scores, and also a perfect fit with the station's sound.

In a recent issue of Music & Media magazine, ADO was featured in a front page article. The reason: songs being played more than 100 times per week!

Other European programmers were interviewed. The consensus was, perhaps surprisingly, not that this is a bad idea, but rather that if it is going to work, the research and the timing must be extraordinary.





Without giving away any of Bruno's secrets, let's just say that he did just what the other programmers called for. His timing, with some help from the research, is perfect.

I will give you this hint: Variety Control music positioning analysis, when applied to currents, is extremely powerful. It can tell you if and when the timing is perfect for maximum airplay of a hit song.

A couple of weeks after the article appeared, the Paris ratings were released. The result: ADO has more than doubled its ratings, and has a daily cume now in excess of 550,000.

If you'd like to hear this excellently programmed station, you can listen to their streaming audio.

This information appeared originally in January 2003 as an article in my monthly newsletter, Up Your Ratings. Since then, ADO has continued to grow in the face of intense competition from national stations Fun and Skyrock. Daily cume is now over 570,000.